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First of all, I don't own a store but I wish I did but I don't. I do it for fun first and to make a couple bucks for gas money and child support. I started collecting in 1992 when I bought my first beckett and I started buying 1993 Collector's Edge Football packs and 1993 Skybox Premium Football boxes every week for months till I used up all my credit cards. I should have invested in 1993 SP Football and 1993 SP Baseball but I didn't and was buying 1993 Collector's Edge Football & 1993 Wild Card Superchrome. Stupid Move! Today, the hobby has changed with $450/box with one pack only to $1,850/case with just 3 boxes in it and Mr. Beckett is pricing Game-Used and autographs cheaper and cheaper every year, haven't you noticed it? And I noticed Mr. Beckett is using auction sites for their pricing so if a $100 is selling for only $40-50, the real-time price guide changes the prices on the spot so Thanks! Mr. Beckett for dropping prices on all the good cards in the hobby! Case and point, if you want to know how much your card is worth? go to completed auctions and that's your answer, so why do we need price guides then??

"The saddest thing in life is wasted talent." - Lorenzo from A Bronx Tale (1993)

Football Headlines

  • Manziel's only move is also the right move
  • Manziel's CFL team already has a starting QB
  • NFL makes curious call to not discipline Eli
  • J.J. Watt: I'll pay for Santa Fe victims' funerals
  • Manziel says he'll play this season in CFL
  • Rosen picks practice over going to 'premiere'
  • Beckham hits homer during batting practice
  • Cowboys fan enshrines Dez on his truck
  • T.O.: It's 'mind-boggling' Garrett still has a job
  • Welcome to the QB school of 'Hard Knocks'
  • Dallas OL better know how to pour ketchup
  • Foster's ex-girlfriend says she made up allegations
  • Eagles get White House invitation for June 5
  • Sherman says he'll be ready for training camp
  • Prescott wants to be best Cowboys QB ... ever
  • Rams' new stadium costs top $4 billion mark
  • Video shows why fans keep coming back to NFL
  • Brees's kind act to prep QB after horrific injury
  • Iconic Super Bowl photo heading to Hall
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Basketball Headlines

  • LeBron, Cavs remind Celtics of their potential
  • LeBron, Cavs bulldoze Celtics in Game 3
  • Did LeBron intentionally snub Trump supporter?
  • Bill Russell reportedly rushed to hospital
  • Two-Man Game: Can the Cavs make a comeback?
  • 'Darko Effect' changed the game for prospects
  • No one 'untouchable' in trade talks with Lakers
  • Who is Grayson Allen? NBA teams want to know
  • Rockets star addresses school shooting in Texas
  • Why Porter Jr. isn't crazy to call himself best
  • NBA exec: Kansas City in line for NBA team
  • Suns guard's hair will no longer get in the way
  • What it will take to pry Kawhi away from Spurs
  • An inside look at the Marcus Smart Experience
  • Houston, we have a series! Rockets get even
  • Potential No. 1 pick may not play in NBA in 2018

Hockey Headlines

  • Vasilevskiy, Lightning steal Capitals' thunder
  • Rangers' next coach will reportedly be BU's Quinn
  • Vegas seizes control of Western finals
  • Fleury saving his best for the postseason
  • Meet the furry friend of the Golden Knights
  • Predators endorse mayoral candidate
  • Did Marchessault sign with Vegas too early?

Baseball Headlines

  • For Pete's sake: Don't bet on Rose in the Hall
  • Hicks joins Mantle in exclusive Yankees HR club
  • Harper wears glasses to bat after contact issues
  • Kendrick hurt as Nationals suffer another blow
  • Palmeiro's comeback is off to a questionable start
  • Phils' emergency pitcher out-Ohtanis Ohtani
  • Woman furious at fellow fan for interference
  • Odell Beckham hits homer before MLB game
  • Tim Tebow could be due for a promotion
  • Twitter helps fan get prom photos with Mets
  • Giant year in the making: Belt having power surge
  • Baltimore star buys Orioles legend's mansion

MMA Headlines

  • Someone must save Chuck Liddell from himself
  • Chuck Liddell, 48, coming out of retirement
  • Pennington supports corner's decision to fight
  • Did Pennington's coaches fail her in scary loss?
  • Nunes defends title again, crushing Pennington
  • Bader defeats King Mo with 1st-round KO
  • Vitor Belfort retires after brutal KO loss

Golf Headlines

  • Glover's wife arrested on domestic violence charges during Players
  • How Jordan Spieth, then 16, got into the 2010 Byron Nelson
  • Simpson, 17th hole spoil potential Tiger comeback party at Players
  • Koepka makes albatross, ties course record 63 at TPC Sawgrass
  • Tiger Woods to play in British Open at Carnoustie in July
49 - Racing (Solid)

NASCAR Headlines

  • Harvick wins fun, different NASCAR All-Star race
  • Harvick sprints away for NASCAR All-Star win
  • Kenseth, Stenhouse to start All-Star Race
  • Allmendinger, others advance in NASCAR All-Star
  • Kyle Busch throws Truck crew under the bus
  • New rule lets teams start races on fresh tires
  • Blind USC long snapper drives car at Charlotte

Tennis Headlines

  • The time is now: U.S. Open making changes
  • Serena and Venus to skip Fed Cup semifinal
  • Brengle sues over injuries from doping tests
  • Nadal leads Spain into the Davis Cup semifinals

Boxing Headlines

  • Canelo will do year-round anti-doping testing
  • Lomachenko continues building on historic run
  • Vargas battles through cuts to retain WBC title
  • Munguia upsets Ali for light-middleweight title

Release Calendar

  • 05/21/18 2018 Super Break Cards & Bars Edition Basketball
  • 05/23/18 2017/18 Panini Dominion Basketball
  • 05/23/18 Game of Thrones Season 7 Trading Cards
  • 05/23/18 2018 Topps MLS Soccer
  • 05/23/18 2018 Panini Classics Football
  • 05/23/18 2018 Panini Victory Lane Racing
  • 05/25/18 2017 Benchwarmer Hot for Teacher Series 4
  • 05/25/18 Yugioh Dark Saviors
  • 05/25/18 2018 Topps Solo: A Star Wars Story Hobby
  • 05/25/18 2018 Leaf Greatest Hits Football
  • 05/30/18 2018 Topps UEFA Champions League Museum Collection Soccer
  • 05/30/18 2018 Topps Pro Debut Baseball
  • 05/30/18 2018 Historic Autographs Art of Baseball
  • 05/30/18 2017/18 Panini Essentials Basketball
  • 05/30/18 2018 Topps UFC Knockout
  • 05/30/18 2018 Tristar H/T Series 12 Football Mini Helmet
  • May 2018 2018 Topps Definitive Baseball
  • May 2018 2017/18 Upper Deck Splendor Hockey
  • May 2018 2018 Baseball Treasures Collectible Baseball Coins
  • May 2018 2018 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Football
  • 06/01/18 2018 Leaf History of Baseball Cut Signature
  • 06/01/18 Pokemon Sun & Moon Trainer Kit Alolan Sandslash and Alolan Ninetales
  • 06/01/18 Pokemon Shiny Zygarde GX
  • 06/06/18 2018 Topps Finest Baseball
  • 06/06/18 17/18 Upper Deck Premier Hockey
  • 06/08/18 2018 Panini Luminance Football
  • 06/08/18 Yugioh Flames of Destruction Special Edition
  • 06/08/18 2018 Leaf Valiant Football
  • 06/08/18 Magic the Gathering Battlebond Booster
  • 06/13/18 2018 Panini National Treasures Soccer
  • 06/13/18 2017/18 Panini Spectra Basketball
  • 06/13/18 2018 Topps Series 2 Baseball Hobby & Jumbo
  • 06/20/18 2018 Topps Series 2 Baseball Blaster
  • 06/20/18 2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball
  • 06/20/18 2018 Topps WWE Undisputed
  • 06/20/18 2018 Topps Star Wars The Last Jedi Series 2
  • 06/22/18 2018 Leaf Greatest Hits Basketball
  • 06/27/18 2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball
  • 06/27/18 Twin Peaks Trading Cards (Rittenhouse)
  • 06/27/18 2018 Donruss Elite Football
  • 06/27/18 2018 Topps Inception Baseball
  • 06/27/18 2017/18 Panini Cornerstones Basketball
  • 06/29/18 Yugioh Battles of Legend - Relentless Revenge Booster
  • June 2018 Rick & Morty Season 1 (Cryptozoic)
  • June 2018 2018 Historic Autographs P.O.T.U.S (President of the United States)